Attkisson: With 'Few Exceptions' CBS Didn't Want Me Doing Interviews

Attkisson: With 'Few Exceptions' CBS Didn't Want Me Doing Interviews

Former CBS Investigative Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reported that CBS prevented her from doing interviews with “almost everybody” who requested her on Tuesday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

Attkisson said that after she divulged that public affairs officials within the US government had yelled at her over some of her reporting, CBS was “uncomfortable” with her reporting, and that they later went beyond telling her not to do interviews with Ingraham.

“At the time it was just yours but after that, in the last couple years I was there, there was just a lot of rejection, because there were more and more programs requesting me, even liberal shows as well.  And they just didn’t seem to want me out there.  With very few exceptions they said no to almost everybody” she said.

Attkisson added that the media often treats government officials like a “secret source that we’re supposed to protect and not reveal their dirty laundry.”

She also spoke about the attacks leveled against her by left-wing like Media Matters, stating that she believes when she is attacked by them, “you know you’re on to something” and that she considers it an honor.

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