Andrea Mitchell: Obama 'A Drag' on Dems

Andrea Mitchell: Obama 'A Drag' on Dems

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell argued that President Obama “was a drag” on Democratic candidates during NBC’s special coverage of the 2014 elections on Tuesday.

“President Obama was a drag. Look at Kentucky. President Obama, two-thirds of the voters in Kentucky had a negative view, did not like President Obama. That was an enormous headwind for Alison Grimes. We wondered why she was refusing to say whether she voted for President Obama, That’s why. Even though people don’t like Congress, and Mitch McConnell, the incumbent Republican leader…even though 52% of the people in the exit poll said that they didn’t like him and they don’t like Congress, he was able to overcome that because Obama was such a drag on Grimes. So, Obama is a really negative factor and this is also the case in Colorado and other places that we’re seeing” she stated.

She also declared the solid defeat of Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor (D) by Republican challenger Rep. Tom Cotton, “the end of the Clinton Era in Arkansas.”

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