Coulter: 'Let Obama Explain Fences Don't Work' While He Has One

Coulter: 'Let Obama Explain Fences Don't Work' While He Has One

Columnist and author of “Never Trust a Liberal Over 3-Especially a Republican,” Ann Coulter argued that Republicans should pass popular border security measures like denying driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants and building a border fence and “let Obama explain fences don’t work while he’s surround by a fence at the White House” on Wednesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

“I think Republicans’ clear objective going forward is getting Oregon Measure 88 to run for president. Because Oregon Measure 88 won bigger than anything, any other vote in Oregon. They re-elected a popular Democratic Senator, they re-elected the governor, they had a dozen initiatives, they had pot on the ballot, what was Measure 88? No driver’s licenses for illegal aliens it won about 70% of the vote” she said.

Coulter added that on immigration, “we can start with the simple little offense bill.” And “let Obama explain fences don’t work while he’s surrounded by a fence at the White House. The American people want a fence. We want a fence. You can do a lot of stuff on Obamacare, which is widely unpopular. By the way, those waivers are going to start to be lifted now, and the rest of America’s about to find out.” 

She also argued that Republicans will do a good job of passing bills and forcing Obama to act on them, saying “And by the way, as I was telling you before, McConnell, I think is going to be great. I think he’s smart at doing these things. I really wish when he’s announcing his agenda going forward he would just get a list of the 300-plus bills that the Republican House has already passed and just read them off name by name. They can ring a little bell after each one, like he’s reading a list of hostages. That’s what we’re going to go through, have the House pass it, [the] Senate pass it, and send it up to Obama.

Coulter predicted that if Republicans stick to this plan, “it’s going to be very hard to ignore the fact that the good things Republicans are passing are being stopped by one person. That’s why they have to be very careful in formulating the bills to massively popular things like, oh, yeah, Measure 88 in Oregon.”

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