George Will: Obama Thinks Electorate Had 'Inexplicable Tantrum'

George Will: Obama Thinks Electorate Had 'Inexplicable Tantrum'

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” columnist George Will argued that President Obama indicated that he thinks the American public “an unprovoked and inexplicable tantrum” during his post-election press conference.  

“The president said this didn’t really have anything to do with him, which makes it seem like a kind of an unprovoked and inexplicable tantrum that the 1/3rd who voted had” Will said. And “he went on to use the term several times, it was ‘this town’ that people are mad about, because stuff doesn’t get done.” 

Will then pointed to examples of things that have gotten done during Obama’s presidency, such as Obamacare, the stimulus, and the Dodd-Frank Act “a lot has been done, and clearly the public doesn’t think a lot about this.”

Fox News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume added, “he [Obama] basically, at one point said, not in so many words, ‘if the Republicans have some ideas that I like, I’ll listen to them.’ Well, thank you very much Mr. President.”

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