Perdue: Immigration 'A Top Issue' In My Senate Win

Perdue: Immigration 'A Top Issue' In My Senate Win

Senator-elect David Perdue (R-GA) credited border security as “a top issue” that propelled him to a nearly eight point victory over Democratic candidate Michelle Nunn on Wednesday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

“National security around our borders has turned into a top issue…it’s not just an immigration [issue] any longer, it’s a national security issue. People are concerned about jobs, we have to get this economy going and we have to get serious about this debt. Those are the issues we ran on here in Georgia and it worked.” He added that the “number one issue was jobs, and I’ll tell you the number two thing was Obamacare…[and the third] was border security, this national security thing. Safety and security for women in Georgia turned out to be a very important issue, and for all of Georgians, and that’s the nerve we hit.”

Perdue also discussed the prospect of an executive order on immigration by the president, saying “take it to the people. If he [Obama] does that, he will absolutely secure a Republican in the White House in ‘16. We cannot let him get away with that. The people of Georgia, specifically, are sending me up there to get in a dog fight to make sure that doesn’t happen. This executive order amnesty issue has a got people really, really concerned here in Georgia and we have to use whatever tools we can to stop that.”

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