Beckel: It'll Be 25 Years Before Anyone Who Gets Amnesty Votes

Beckel: It'll Be 25 Years Before Anyone Who Gets Amnesty Votes

Bob Beckel, former Democratic campaign manager and panelist on the Fox News Channel’s “The Five” argued that illegal immigrants impacted by any executive amnesty would not be able to vote for another 25 years on Thursday.

During a discussion on the president’s potential executive order, Beck said, “anybody who comes into this county, it’s going to be 25 years before they can cast a vote. There is all this talk about all of these new Democrats.”

He then argued for an immigration bill proposed in the Senate in 2007 “that [2007] bill, the basis of that bill has in it I think a structure for having an immigration policy, that’s not amnesty, but is a pathway…and you know the business community is for this. Finally labor’s come around.”

“O’Reilly Factor” Correspondent Jesse Watters argued back, stating “if you’re a middle class family and you’re making $45,000 a year and you’re living in Alabama and you don’t have a job and your wages are down and you’re hearing the president and leaders in the senate say ‘let’s bring over a bunch of low-wage unskilled workers and flood the workplace, I would be angry.  And I think those are the people that voted in the midterm election, I think the Senate has to respect the wishes of those people.”

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