Sessions: Obama Executive Amnesty ‘Decimating Law Enforcement’

Sessions: Obama Executive Amnesty ‘Decimating Law Enforcement’

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) argued that “President Obama is decimating law enforcement,” and that the president’s plan to implement immigration reform through an executive order was an example of Obama’s decimation of law enforcement in an interview broadcast on Thursday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

“President Obama is decimating law enforcement, Megyn, in a host of ways. This [executive amnesty] is just one of them. He’s destroying the law enforcement. The morale of our immigration officers are the lowest of any agency in the government. They sued the Secretary of Homeland security for causing them to violate their oath and not enforce the laws of the country. It’s an unbelievable circumstance. The president is arrogantly refusing to follow the will of the American people first and foremost, and to fulfill his duty to faithfully see that the laws of the United States are executed” he stated.

Sessions continued, saying that Congress should defund any attempt by the president to push immigration reform unilaterally, saying “we have got to make sure that Congress speaks on this issue. The House has already passed legislation that would bar the president from expending any money to carry out such an amnesty as this, this executive amnesty, that 80% of the American people in polls show oppose yet he’s continuing to talk about it. It violates the Constitutional structure and law, and it needs to be stopped.”

According to Sessions, “Congress simply has to bar the expenditure of any money to carry out such a scheme because it would be a very expensive scheme, and we do that all the time…hundreds, thousands of legislative actions throughout the years have barred the executive branch from spending money to execute policies that Congress does not want to fund.”

He concluded that failure to enforce current immigration law is “encouraging more and more people to come unlawfully making it, really putting extreme pressure on the working Americans whose wages are down and whose employment prospects are down.”

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