Bolton: ‘Iran Will Have an Open Path to Nuclear Weapons’

Bolton: ‘Iran Will Have an Open Path to Nuclear Weapons’

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton predicted that the Obama administration will cut a deal with Iran that will give them “an open path to nuclear weapons” on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

“The odds are right now the deal will be signed and that Iran will have an open path to nuclear weapons…there’s no guarantee that the verification mechanisms that are required are going to work. You really think we really know everything about Iran’s nuclear weapons program, like whether some of it’s being conducted in North Korea? I have no faith in our verification capabilities, number one. Number two, to the extent Iran is allowed any continuing uranium enrichment capability at all, and that’s where the administration’s concessions are moving, it has in its hands the long pole in the tent that any aspiring nuclear weapons state wants” he said.  Adding that appeasing Iran is “par for the course for the Obama administration. The negotiation with Iran over its nuclear weapons program is a policy of appeasement, and the president is desperate to get this deal done so it doesn’t slip between his fingers.”

Bolton stated “there is no negotiation with a regime like this. The notion of cooperating against ISIS sounds superficially appealing, but the fact of the matter is our differences with Iran are far greater than any common interest regarding ISIS. In this Middle East, which is descending into chaos, Iran remains America’s principle adversary. And while we certainly have to deal with ISIS, we don’t want to do anything that bolsters the regime in Tehran or its satellite regime in Baghdad.”

He also argued, “we are mistreating our Arab friends in the region very badly. You know, they don’t want Iran to get a nuclear weapon any more than Israel does. We have more commonality between Israel and the Sunni Arab states and their concern about Iran’s nuclear weapons program than almost any other issue.”

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