Obama: 'Good Ideas Don't Necessarily Come from Just One Party'

Obama: 'Good Ideas Don't Necessarily Come from Just One Party'

Friday at the White House ahead of a meeting with his cabinet, President Barack Obama remarked on working with a the soon-to-be Republican-controlled Congress and his upcoming meeting with GOP leaders.

“As I said at the press conference, my attitude has been and will continue to be that good ideas don’t necessarily come from just one party,” Obama said. I’m looking forward to seeing the leaders of both Democratic and Republican caucuses this afternoon to have a chance to share with them both what I think we need to be doing to build on the economic momentum we already have and make stronger. But I’m interested in listening to them in terms of areas where we think it’s possible to work together.”

“Whether that is putting people back to work through stronger manufacturing here in the United States and selling more to countries around the world,” he continued. “One of the major topics we’ll be discussing during my Asia trip next week. Whether it’s figuring out how we can build on some modest new investments we’ve been making to early childhood education. We know that works. And there’s strong bipartisan support for that around the country. Let’s see if we can do more. All of these issues are ones in which there is a strong possibility of bipartisan cooperation as long as we set politics aside for a moment and focus on the people who actually sent us here.”

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