Palin: Dems Will Circle the Wagons for Hillary

Palin: Dems Will Circle the Wagons for Hillary

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin predicted that Democrats will spin the massive defeats of candidates that Hillary Clinton stumped for in order to protect her 2016 presidential prospects on Friday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

“It was a whole ball of wax wasn’t it the other night? All of the Democrats’ failed policies and failed candidates and failed surrogates. Well, that was just really made manifest by the American people when we all said no to that and [voted] to stop that and Hillary of course was a part of that. Of course though the left, Sean, will buck up. and they will do all that they can to protect Hillary and try to change the narrative…[and] try to make it sound like she was the winner in all of this, that she had chosen the right ones and the right policies to support. Obviously, the facts don’t support that, but they will support her anyway and prop her up” she stated.

She also wondered how Democrats believed they could convince voters they wouldn’t simply be rubber stamps for President Obama saying, “Barack Obama, of course has had his boot on the neck of the American economy…anyone who shined those boots, no, the American public, you can’t underestimate the wisdom of. And we’ll be saying no to anyone who participated. Good point too about [Sen.] Mark Begich (D-AK), [Sen.] Mary Landrieu (D-LA), all these folks, who they supported Barack Obama and would continue to of course when they got back in there 97%, 98%, 99% of the time. How stupid did they think American voters were?”

Palin concluded by urging newly-elected Republicans to “play hardball” and “stop Barack Obama.”

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