Alleged Bin Laden Killer: He ‘Died Like a Pu**y’

Alleged Bin Laden Killer: He ‘Died Like a Pu**y’

Rob O’Neill, the man who claims he killed Osama bin Laden, said that “Osama bin Laden died like a pu**y” in a series of interviews with freelance journalist Alex Quade that were excerpted on Friday’s “AC 360” on CNN.

O’Neill said “anytime anyone says ‘You know, my brother died at Cantor Fitzgerald, or my mom, whatever’ one thing I tell them is, ‘All right Osama bin Laden died like a pu**y.  That’s all I’m telling you, just so you know. He died afraid.  And he knew we were there to kill him.’”

He also reported that other members of SEAL Team Six “knew we were going to die. we knew we weren’t coming back…we all accepted it and nobody was afraid,” but that the victims of 9/11 helped motivate them saying, “we didn’t do it for us, we did it for the people who didn’t want to die.” And “9/11 is very significant.  It was the whole reason we were there.” He added that the thought process before the mission was, “we’re gonna die, but we’re gonna die when the house blows up, but knowing that f*ckface blew up, too.”

O’Neill talked about the criticism he has received from other veterans, saying “we will bash each other for no f*cking reason” and that only SEALs are demonized. He also criticized members of Delta Force who claim they don’t talk about their missions publicly by claiming they don’t do anything.

He concluded that “it doesn’t matter anymore” if he’s considered historically considered “The Shooter.”

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