Attkisson: The Same Skepticism Is Never Given to My Critics

Attkisson: The Same Skepticism Is Never Given to My Critics

Former CBS News Investigative Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson argued back against attempts to paint her as a conservative agitator in an interview on Friday’s “Up with Chris Hayes” on MSNBC.

When asked about further proof of her claims of intrusions on her computer by the government, she said “I think there will be more information forthcoming. Some people will never be satisfied with what they hear. but I also think I’ve seen people who ask questions heap a great deal of understandable skepticism and questions on me and none of the entities raising with the so-called counter experts, who to my surprise, would be willing to venture expert an opinion on something for which they have no forensic evidence or no first-hand information. And, yet, their claims being unequivocally accepted, for example, that the backspace key was being held down, and without their questions their credentials being questioned…that’s part of the problem I discuss in the book. 

She also told Hayes, “I think that these hints of information that you have that corroborate what I say, yes, then there may be, at this point in time, what for someone like you would require a leap of faith, and you’re certainly within your right to say ‘hey, I don’t see the evidence there.’ I’m not here trying to convince you of something that you find unconvincing. I’m just telling you, in this book, my experiences and observations and you can do with that what you will.”

Later in the interview, Attkisson pushed back against reports that the launch party for her book was only attended by conservatives, stating they “left out the fact that there were people there from the center for public integrity, from ProPublica, [a] Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times reporter, whistleblowers, the former director of the acorn office in Washington, DC. This certainly was a very mixed party, but, as the media reported it, yes, they made it sound like some sort of a conservative gathering.” 

She added, “many things in there [her new book “Stonewalled”] talk about the conservative/corporate bias in the news that slants stories vs. the liberal bias. The idea that this is somehow a book that goes for conservative interests has been perpetuated, that notion by the same people that want to discredit and disparage what I do.”

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