Boehner: Keystone XL, Obamacare, Tax Reform on GOP Agenda

Boehner: Keystone XL, Obamacare, Tax Reform on GOP Agenda

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) laid out the Republican Party’s agenda for the next two years, which included approving the Keystone XL pipeline, repealing harmful Obamacare regulations, and fixing a “broken tax code” during the Republican Party’s Weekly Address on Saturday.

Transcript (via ABC News Radio) as follows:

“This is the time of year when we pause to pay tribute to America’s veterans – the ones who gave all a person can give so that we may live free.

As we consider their sacrifices, let us vow to live up to the promises that we’ve made to them and their families.

We cannot rest until our veterans have the 21st-century health care system they deserve.

It is the least a grateful nation can do.

This is also a time to consider the line in Scripture that says, “to whom much is given, much is expected.”

Republicans are humbled by the trust the American people have placed in us.

We’ll honor that trust by listening to you, by making your priorities our priorities.

That means focusing first on helping middle-class families still struggling to pay the bills and find good-paying jobs.

We’ll start by debating and voting on the many jobs bills the House has acted on with bipartisan support.

We’ll work to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, which will mean lower energy costs for families and more jobs for American workers.

We’ll advance the Hire More Heroes Act, which will encourage employers to hire more of our nation’s veterans.

And we’ll take on Obamacare regulations that threaten the 40-hour workweek and the pay and peace of mind of so many Americans.

These types of common-sense solutions, so long ignored by the outgoing Senate majority, offer a good starting point.

They’ll help break the logjam here in Washington, and establish a foundation of certainty and stability that both parties can build on.

From there, more good ideas will follow, and with them, a chance to address some of the most pressing challenges that we face, whether it’s a broken tax code that’s driving jobs overseas, health care costs that continue to rise, or an education system that leaves too many of our young people unprepared for the future.

This is a time for solutions to get our economy moving again, and we’re eager to get to work.

Your priorities will be our priorities.  That’s our pledge to you, the people we serve.”

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