Buchanan: 'Rejected' Obama Would Have Resigned if in UK

Buchanan: 'Rejected' Obama Would Have Resigned if in UK

Columnist and author Pat Buchanan argued that President Obama was “rejected” in Tuesday’s election and that a UK Prime Minister who faced a similar defeat would have resigned on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

“Barack Obama was rejected and repudiated. If he had been Prime Minister of Great Britain, considering all the losses of seats he had, he would have resigned by now and he would be gone” he declared.

Buchanan added “this city is somewhat in denial. They say ‘the country has told the republicans to go to Washington and work with Barack Obama.’ The country said the exact opposite. They rewarded Republicans for standing up and hammering Obama repeatedly. They punished Democrats for working with Obama. So, I think if there’s any mandate here, it is for Republicans to go back and put forward their own positive agenda based on their own principles.”

Later, he said that the president was a lame duck, a point the rest of the panel agreed with.

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