Maher on Elections: ‘What a Bloodbath for Democrats’

Maher on Elections: ‘What a Bloodbath for Democrats’

HBO’s Bill Maher ripped on both Republicans and Democrats in his opening monologue on 2014’s election results on Friday’s “Real Time.”

“Oh, what a bloodbath for Democrats on Tuesday. I have not seen liberals this down since kale went out of season. I turned on MSNBC the other day, Chris Matthews was just stumbling around with a bottle of whiskey in his hand singing ‘Danny Boy.’  It was sad. At the White House, a lunatic jumped the fence trying to get out” he said.

Maher didn’t spare Republicans, stating “All you had to do to win on Tuesday in this country was have an R next to your name. Republicans elected anybody who was Republican. They elected, I’m not kidding about this a black Republican woman to Congress from Utah, she is the first Republican black woman in Congress, and she is a Mormon, which is progress. Mormons didn’t admit blacks until the 70s and republicans didn’t admit them until Tuesday. It’s a very good sign, one of the few. No, I’m telling you, even the Republicans who seemed completely unelectable because they f*cked up so badly in their district or state got elected.”

He also criticized newly elected Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA), while jabbing Democrats, arguing “Joni Ernst, the crazy lady from Iowa.  Remember the one, all her ads were about, ‘I used to castrate hogs on the farm.’ Well, you know, [Rep.] Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is leaving Congress so Joni Ernst is stepping right in. This is what the evangelicals always say. When the Good Lord closes one door in an insane asylum, he opens one door in the nut house. When Joni Ernst made her victory speech there in Iowa she said she was going to go to Washington and make them squeal, continuing the theme. Let me tell you something Joni, if you’re planning to cut off the balls of the Democrats, good luck finding them.” And “surprisingly, the strategy of so many Democratic candidates to pretend that they’ve never heard of Barack Obama didn’t pay off.”

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