AZ Sheriff: Feds Refuse to Give Us Names of Released Criminal Aliens

AZ Sheriff: Feds Refuse to Give Us Names of Released Criminal Aliens

Pinal County, AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu reported that that federal government “refuses” to give him the names of illegal aliens who commit crimes in the US and are released on Wednesday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

Babeu said that “law enforcement in many cases have let these criminals go even when there’s an outstanding hold or a warrant for them from immigration [officials].” And “what we’ve had happened right here in my county, there were hundreds of convicted criminals that were released right here. There are thousands including California, Georgia, and Texas, and to this day the federal government refuses to tell us their names…there’s no consequences for all of these criminals. They’re back out on the street and the federal government will refuse to give us these names because they know we can then connect thousands of these criminals who the federal government once held in custody and then released them.”

He added, “we in law enforcement, both at the local, state, and federal level here literally are handcuffed from doing our jobs, from protecting our families, our communities, and the president has said this time and time again, that there will be no action taken and oftentimes what they do to skirt consequences or punishment for these criminals is they finally do deport them, and so victims are denied justice.”

Babeu also proclaimed that the president’s planned executive order “has to be stopped…it’s a federal overreach of his power, and our Congress, and now an emboldened majority in the House and now a majority in the Senate, this president must be stopped.”

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