Gohmert: Public Should Be ‘Burning Up the Phone Lines’ on ObamaCare

Gohmert: Public Should Be ‘Burning Up the Phone Lines’ on ObamaCare

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) declared that the public should be “burning up the phone lines” on Capitol Hill in support of Obamacare’s repeal in light of comments insulting the American public’s intelligence and citing the opaque nature of the law as an “advantage” by the law’s architect Jonathan Gruber on Wednesday’s broadcast of the “Sean Hannity Show.”

“Who really needs to be upset with what was said, is the American public, they were called stupid, and he fooled them once, but now if they don’t get upset, and say ‘you called us stupid? You lied to us? You didn’t think we’d ever find out?’ … the American people need to be demanding, they need to be burning the phone lines and e-mails, letting their members of Congress know this has got to be repealed.” He also said that Gruber’s remarks would “hopefully” stir up enough outrage to get a complete repeal of the law.

He also predicted that the law would be massively unpopular and hurt Democrats’ chances in 2016 because the law would be fully in effect by 2016.  He also argued that if the Supreme Court strikes down subsidies for states without their own exchanges, the law’s popularity would tank.

Gohmert also talked about the funding prospects for the government, and expressed his opinion that a continuing resolution to keep the government running until the new Congress is sworn in would be better than an omnibus spending bill for Republicans.

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