Kristol: Don't Cut a Deal With Obama on Immigration

Kristol: Don't Cut a Deal With Obama on Immigration

Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol argued Republicans should block the president from implementing executive amnesty and not cut a compromise with the president on immigration in an interview on Tuesday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

Kristol said the GOP should be “polite,” but send a “clear signal that Republicans were sent there to stop the president from doing certain things he has been doing or intends to do, and that means rolling back as much of Obamacare as possible, stopping the president on immigration, I do think they should say, simply to the president ‘if you, after this election, go ahead with your immigration executive amnesty, we are not in the mode of bending over backwards or bending over even a little bit to work with you on anything else.’”

He agreed that cutting a deal with Obama on immigration reform would hurt Republicans “the idea that you’re going to sit down with the president and negotiate an immigration bill, a tax reform bill is a fantasy, I think.  And, I agree, Republicans shouldn’t get in that mode, they shouldn’t talk themselves into that. On immigration, in particular…just pass a border security, the best border security bill, and just tell the president to sign it or veto it.  But, just pass it, it doesn’t need to be combined with anything else.”

Kristol additionally stated that “the Republican share of the Latino vote, the Hispanic vote went up in 2014 after being screamed at and [hearing] ‘the House Republicans are destroying the future of the Republican Party,’ the House Republicans, to their credit…held the line, and things are much better now than they were when the Republican elites, 20 months ago, were saying ‘were absolutely have to capitulate on this.’”

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