Dr. Ben Carson: Being President Not on My Bucket List, but Contemplating Run

Dr. Ben Carson: Being President Not on My Bucket List, but Contemplating Run

Thursday on Ora.tv’s “PoliticKING,” with Larry King, Dr.Ben Carson said while running for president is not on his, “bucket list,” he is seriously considering it.

Partial transcript follows:

KING: Are you going to run, Dr.Carson? Are you going to enter primaries?

CARSON: There’s a possibility. I’m – I’m a surgeon, so I have a surgeon’s personality, which means you look very carefully before you leap, and I need to be quite certain that that’s something that my compatriots in America really want me to do.

KING: Do you wanna be President?

CARSON: It was not on my bucket list as something that I really wanted to do, no. However, sometimes we’re thrust into situations that are not of our choosing and we have to recognize that maybe there is a responsibility that has been handed to you by your fellow citizens and you certainly have to consider that very seriously. I’m not sure that any sane person would really want that job you know considering what happens to everybody who goes in that way. You know they look very old after a very short period of time, it’s very stressful. By the same token, need to recognize that our nation is moving completely in the wrong direction. You know I spent my whole career dealing with children and now I’m thinking about the next generation and the generation after that and what we’re doing to them, and I’m particularly sensitive to that having grown up in Detroit, which at one time was the most prosperous city in America and now is the biggest bankruptcy because we did not pay attention to those coming behind us because we only want what we wanted and we wanted it now and we have to change that if we’re going to be successful as a nation.

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