GOP Rep Gosar: GOP Leadership Will Cut a Deal on Immigration

GOP Rep Gosar: GOP Leadership Will Cut a Deal on Immigration

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) predicted that Republican Party leadership in the House and Senate will cut a deal with President Obama on immigration during an interview on Thursday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

When asked whether he thought GOP leaders in Congress would cut a deal with a president, he responded, “absolutely, I mean, we saw the Speaker’s true colors in the immigration debate in July, we were supposed to have 72 hours to actually see a full bill, we never saw the full bill, we saw what was coming out in deferred action, my office wrote a Dear Colleague letter and they pulled it…I witnessed people pivot against each other and I saw leadership that didn’t interact and create an environment of confidence or reconciliation.”

He further described the strategy of the Republican Party against the president’s planned executive order as “very incoherent at this point and time,” pleading “give me a vision of where we’re going and how we hold [the president] accountable,” something that he says “we haven’t seen.”

Gosar also urged a secret ballot for leadership elections in the House because of the “extortion” where members who oppose House Republican leadership lose their positions on committees, something he says he is “abhorred” by.

Later stated he was “confused” because Boehner in his earlier days was an anti-Establishment crusader, but now is part of the “old boys club.”

Earlier in the interview, Gosar dubbed the president the “commander-in-deceit,” and said “what he’s trying to do is trying to push out something here that’s frankly illegal.” He argued, “we have to do all that is within our power, which is the power of the purse, and holding people accountable through impeachment to make sure that he does not defy the Constitution any further.  So, what we’re looking at is, looking at the purse strings to make sure that these agencies that are conspiring with the commander-in-deceit do not get the appropriate funding to be able to print green cards or to enable this executive order.”

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