NC Sheriff: 'I Don't See Anything' That Would Deter Illegal Immigrants

NC Sheriff: 'I Don't See Anything' That Would Deter Illegal Immigrants

Rockingham County, NC Sheriff Sam Page (R) said “I don’t see anything” that would discourage individuals from entering the country and that President Obama’s planned executive action on immigration would “encourage the same thing we saw last summer” on Friday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

“I think it [executive action on immigration] seems like a rewarding of persons that are coming in to break our laws and it would only encourage, I think, encourage more people to do so. I don’t see anything that occurred between last summer and current[ly] right now that would deter a person who is wanting to come into our country illegally through our borders” he stated, adding that the president’s plan would “encourage the same thing we saw last summer, with 60,000 persons coming across the border, that we do know of, that were coming in and basically turning themselves in to the Border Patrol agents and saying ‘I want to seek asylum or refugee status.’” He argued this is because “until you secure your borders…[and] when you announce a date or a situation where persons if they get in on a certain date, you’re going to always have people trying to get in under the wire.”

Page warned “until we in America decide that we’re going to secure our international borders, north, south, east, and west, each sheriff in America is going to end up being a border sheriff.” And “we really can’t talk about anything about any further immigration, fixing the immigration system until we truly dedicate ourselves to securing our international borders.”

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