Todd: Obama Sometimes Has ‘Sense of Tone Deafness’

Todd: Obama Sometimes Has ‘Sense of Tone Deafness’

NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd declared that President Obama has “a sense of tone deafness” sometimes in an interview on Thursday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

“When it comes to Washington politics, and there is sort of a sense of tone deafness that he [Obama] has sometimes, and it is something that Reagan and Clinton did not have” he said.

Todd added that both Presidents George W. Bush and Obama only strove for 51% approval ratings, while Clinton and Reagan shot for 65% approval ratings and that this was true, “particularly in President Obama’s case.”

He concluded, “I think he’s sort of, he’s set in his ways…I think in the last two years he’s resigned to his station.  He sort of believes the idea that comes mainly from the left that the Republicans are refusing to work with him, they’re not going to work with him on anything, so why bother?  I think he believes that.”  

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