Maher: If Obama Had Lost, US Wouldn't Have Fruit or Jobs

Maher: If Obama Had Lost, US Wouldn't Have Fruit or Jobs

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher laid out the dystopia he believes would have occurred if President Obama had lost the 2008 and 2012 elections to encourage his audience to vote on Friday.

Maher addressed those who refused to vote because Obama didn’t keep his promises by stating, “the choice was never between the perfect Obama in your head and the real one who came to Washington, it’s between the real one and the two guys who desperately wanted to beat him so they could stamp America in their image.”

Maher then laid out his alternative scenario where McCain and Romney won, he said “Great Depression II” would have occurred due to failure to pass the stimulus and auto bailout. And where Paula Deen and Joe the Plumber would be on the Supreme Court instead of Justices Kagan and Sotomayor “the nearest abortion clinic is in London.  The Attorney General is Dick Cheney’s head.”

He continued, “[the president] has halted all work on renewable energy, but we have built a $1 trillion coal-powered, electrified fence on the border to keep out the one Mexican who still wants to get here. Oh, and Homeland Security Czar Ted Cruz has deported all 12 million illegals, so now we have no fruit.”

Maher concluded, “Now do you see voting makes a difference? How close to home do we have to get? There’s no fruit, no jobs, your girlfriend is having a baby you don’t want, you have no health insurance, and your tap water is on fire.”

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