AZ Sheriff: Exec Amnesty Will Make Law Enforcement 'Almost Impossible'

AZ Sheriff: Exec Amnesty Will Make Law Enforcement 'Almost Impossible'

Pinal County, AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu said that President Obama’s planned executive action on immigration will make enforcing the law “almost impossible” on Saturday’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on the Fox News Channel.

“Well, my job and every law enforcement officer across the country have a difficult job as it is when it comes to this because of the federal government [saying] ‘hands off.’ Yet, it’s now being made that much more difficult, almost impossible. When the law applies to you and every other American citizen, yet it appears there is no law because there are no consequences for these illegals who are here. And the president, just a wave of his hand just says, ‘hey, it’s okay’” he said.

He added that current immigration policy has “undermined the rule of law. You’ve handcuffed the very people who are the protectors of our communities, cops…We spoke almost two years ago when this mass release, this jailbreak that Obama led across the country, releasing thousands of criminals into our community happened in my county. Releasing hundreds, two of them charged with manslaughter. We had several who were convicted of child molestation, and aggravated assault, armed robbery. And to this moment that we’re talking on your show, Judge, we still don’t have their names, we don’t have their full criminal history or where they were released to. We all know they’ll never show back up. And they’ll never give us the names because then we can tie these names to other crimes they have committed just now in our communities.”

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