Dem Rep: Obama ‘Sure Has Changed His Mind’ on Exec Amnesty

Dem Rep: Obama ‘Sure Has Changed His Mind’ on Exec Amnesty

Representative Henry Cuellar (D-TX) said that President Obama “sure has changed his mind” on whether he can implement his planned executive amnesty on Tuesday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

“The president sure has changed his mind about what he can do and what he can do now” he declared, adding that he does think President Obama does have the power to go forward with his planned executive action, arguing “I’m just basing it on what I’ve seen other presidents in the past do, [on] the topic of executive orders. For example, Ronald Reagan and President Bush One also used the executive orders right after the 1986 law where certain people were going to be deported where they also allow[ed] a reprieve, they didn’t impose the classification, but to allow a reprieve from deportation.”

Cuellar also stated, “personally, I prefer that we do a bipartisan, legislative approach where both Democrats and Republicans, sit down together, like President Reagan and the Democrats did in 1986,” but he re-iterated “in a very eerie way, when President Reagan was the president, the Senate had passed an immigration bill, the House did not pass it. So, he then took the executive order, same facts that we’re seeing here.”

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