Ingraham: Don’t Cut a Deal with Obama ‘Dismantling’ Immigration Law

Ingraham: Don’t Cut a Deal with Obama ‘Dismantling’ Immigration Law

Talk radio host Laura Ingraham urged Republicans not to cut a deal on immigration with President Obama considering that “dismantling” U.S. immigration laws for “years” on Friday.

“He unilaterally increased guest worker admissions by $100,000. He removed restrictions on the admissions of foreign nationals with limited terror ties … he unilaterally expedited chain migration from Haiti. He extended amnesty provisions for Honduran and Nicaraguan nationals. He attempted to recruit illegal immigrants for military positions…he released more than 100,000 illegal immigrants into the interior of the United States and released last year … 36,000 convicted criminal aliens” she reported.

Ingraham then argued “this dismantling of our immigration laws has been going on for years…It’s a crazy thing to think about doing a deal, because I heard everybody from Karl Rove to even [Sen.] Ted Cruz (R-TX) when he was on Fox the other night, talk about ‘well, we all want to do an immigration reform’…how do you do a deal with someone who traffics in lies almost every day and who calls you the enemy…and who shows absolutely no regard for the U.S. Constitution.”

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