Ramos: ‘Listening to Us’ Changed Obama’s Mind on Legal Authority

Ramos: ‘Listening to Us’ Changed Obama’s Mind on Legal Authority

Univision and Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos said that President Obama’s executive action on immigration was “paying a debt to the Latino community” and that he changed his mind on his legal authority to take such action because he was “listening to us” on Friday’s “O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel. 

Ramos did agree that the president changed his position on whether he had legal authority to take such unilateral action, saying “I honestly think that the president’s position evolved, that he changed his point of view, and now that he honestly believes right now that he has the legal authority to do what he did last night, so yes, he changed his position.” Ramos credited the change to Obama “listening to us.”

He also stated “I think honestly President Barack Obama is paying a debt to the Latino community, remember that in 2008 he promised that he was going to present an immigration reform during his first year in office, he didn’t deliver, even though he had control over both chambers in Congress and at the end when he saw the inaction of Republicans in Congress, he decided to act. So, that’s exactly what I believe.” And “President Obama was very uncomfortable with the idea that he didn’t keep his promise, and now, finally he delivered, not exactly what we wanted, but it’s not something that was given to us, Bill, this is something that we’d fought for.”

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