SNL Rips Obama With Updated Version of Schoolhouse Rock

SNL Rips Obama With Updated Version of Schoolhouse Rock

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” made fun of President Obama’s executive action on immigration with an updated version of the “Schoolhouse Rock” song “I’m Just a Bill.”

The sketch starts out like the “Schoolhouse Rock” song, with a child discovering a bill and learning about the lawmaking process through a song.

The song is then disrupted when President Obama shows up and pushes the bill down the steps of the Capitol and introduces a singing executive order who sings “I’m an executive order, and I pretty much just happen.”

When the child asks if the executive order has to go through Congress he’s told “that’s adorable that you still think that’s how government works.”

The bill then stumbles up and sings “look at the midterm elections, people clearly don’t want this” before being pushed down the steps by Obama a second time.

When Obama is asked if the executive order is constitutional he responds “of course, presidents issue executive orders all the time,” with the executive order adding “I can do lots of things, I’ll create a national park or a new holiday” before Obama adds “or grant legal status to 5 million undocument[ed] immigrants,” a revelation even the executive order is startled by.

He then protests “I didn’t have time to read myself,” before the bill re-appears and threatens to take Obama to court and shut the government down before being pushed down the steps of the Capitol yet again.

After the child is asked what he thinks about the government, he responds “I think want to go into the private sector,” a sentiment Obama agrees with.

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