Durbin: Obama ‘Had No Choice” But to Act on Immigration

Durbin: Obama ‘Had No Choice” But to Act on Immigration

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” the number-two Democrat in Senate leadership, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) said President Barack Obama “had no choice,” but to grant amnesty to upwards of 5 million illegal immigrants already living in the Untied States.

Durbin said, “He had no choice. I listen to the Republicans response to the presidents executive action. It is clear that they can complain, they can threaten, they can talk about lawsuits, cutting off funding, shutting down the government in the extreme even impeachment but the real question is, can they govern. Can they govern?”

“It’s been 51 days since we sent the bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill from the senate which passed with 68 votes to the house of representatives. They have never called the bill. They never had a hearing on the bill. They never taken up any part of it. Now they complain because the president stepped in said we need accountability when it comes to immigration.”

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