Rangel: Darren Wilson’s ‘Total Indifference’ Polarized Ferguson

Rangel: Darren Wilson’s ‘Total Indifference’ Polarized Ferguson

On MSNBC on Friday, Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) weighed in on the aftermath of the reaction of the Ferguson grand jury, much of which he said was tied to the racial divide in not just Ferguson, MO, but throughout the country.

“[I] just hope that both sides are taking advantage of this pause to try to see how they can avoid something in a nonviolent way and improve the quality of life in this community. I always try to find something good that comes out of conflicts like this. And perhaps people would realize that this is not a Ferguson problem at all. It’s a problem around the country. And as long as people feel awkward and embarrassed in talking about racism that exists, we can never, never, never attack it.”

“And the indifference of the patrol officer is an indication that good people ought to say that you should be sorry when you take anybody’s life. It’s not just the question of what you thought or whether you were afraid, but his total indifference just polarized that community and I only wish that they had not vetted themselves, in a violent way and take advantage of people coming together, white and black, and saying you should at least ought to be able to say you made a help of a helluva big mistake, at least, at least.”

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