Krauthammer: GOP Should Run On ‘Build a Damn Fence’

Krauthammer: GOP Should Run On ‘Build a Damn Fence’

Columnist Charles Krauthammer argued that the GOP should try to “get the country behind border enforcement” such as “build[ing] a damn fence” on the border on Monday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

“I think in the end, and I’ve been advocating this forever. The way to cut the Gordian knot is to get the country behind border enforcement…it is possible that we have a Republican president who campaigns on this. True border enforcement, you build a damn fence” he stated. And “you do that and then you show the country you’re serious about this. Then I think the whole debate will change.”

Krauthammer also expressed skepticism towards polls showing that GOP voters agree with a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. “you can set up the question in any way to get the result you want. If you simply ask whether you think people ought to be legalized, and what I would do is I would ask a question about ‘would you do it before or after you’ve enforced the border,’ you would get a very different [result].” 

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