Sowell: Obama ‘Wants to Spread Paranoia’ If It Gets Votes

Sowell: Obama ‘Wants to Spread Paranoia’ If It Gets Votes

Author and economist Thomas Sowell stated that President Obama “wants to spread paranoia…if paranoia will get out the vote” on Tuesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

When asked about Obama’s decision to weigh in on cases such the Trayvon Martin and Henry Louis Gates cases before all the evidence was known, Sowell said “I think it has the impact that he wants it to have. He wants to spread paranoia, if possible, f paranoia will get out the vote. Because he is a politician. What amazes me is how long it has taken so many people to see through this man. And there are many to this moment who have not seen through him.”

He also argued that the “hands up” demonstrations on the House floor were “for political reasons. I thought of Joseph Goebbels’ doctrine, people will believe any lie if it’s repeated often enough and loud enough. They’re repeating it often enough and loud enough. And it will pay off for them personally [and] politically. People who are out to forward their political careers say and do things that have no relationship whatever to reality or to anybody else’s interests but their own. I think what has happened in Ferguson, Missouri, it is going to adversely affects blacks yet unborn who will still be paying the price for it 10, 20 years from now…because you’re not going to have businesses there that you had before.”

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