Milwaukee Sheriff: ‘Who’s Hurt and Who Cares?’ by Loose Cigarettes

Milwaukee Sheriff: ‘Who’s Hurt and Who Cares?’ by Loose Cigarettes

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke (D) argued that while “political leadership” was engaged in “groveling and opportunism” in some of their allegations of racial bias on the part of police, his attitude towards Eric Garner selling loose cigarettes was “who’s hurt and who cares?” on Monday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

“What we’re getting out of our political leadership, unfortunately, is just groveling and opportunism. Look, there’s problems in all aspects of America, but the police are not at the heart of it…these individuals should have to experience, just for one day, what it would be like in these American cities without the police. These cities would crumble, literally, under the weight of what’s going on in many of these urban centers” he stated.

Regarding the Garner case, Clarke said “somebody wants to sell cigarettes…who’s harmed and who cares? Yeah, I know the tax revenue that’s lost, and I get it that the businesses were complaining about, you know, their lost revenue for this sort of thing. But I would ask myself ‘is there some other way to resolve this dispute short of sending high-priced law enforcement officers into it?’ Because when law enforcement officers engage in these types of things, things can go wrong, things can go bad. And that’s what happened in the Garner case.” And criticized the police for failing to check on Garner’s health. Although, he added that Garner should not have resisted in arrest, and that “he still had to be taken into custody.”

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