Piers to Megyn Kelly: ‘I Agree With a Lot of What You Say’

Piers to Megyn Kelly: ‘I Agree With a Lot of What You Say’
Piers Morgan, former CNN host and US Editor-at-Large for MailOnline confessed that agreed with “a lot” of what Fox News Channel anchor Megyn Kelly says on Monday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

Morgan started his appearance by addressing his now-infamous challenge to Kelly, saying “when you started at 9:00 and you were up against me I tweeted you saying “bring it, Megyn Kelly.” And the mere fact i’m now a guest on the show indicates that you brought it. So, congratulations,” in response, Kelly jokingly congratulated him for being “such a gracious loser.”

Morgan added that he had been watching Kelly’s show, and declared “I agree with a lot of what you say. Which is a quite disturbing revelation.”

The discussion then turned to TIME Magazine’s decision put the Ferguson protesters in the voting for “Person of the Year,” Morgan said that the protesters were his favorites to win, although he denounced “the looters, the criminals, the thugs.” He added, “America has a massive problem right now with the justice system and the perception of it amongst the black community, and they have a damn good point,” before railing against the lack of indictment in the Eric Garner death, arguing it was “unacceptable,” and that there would have been an indictment “in any normal country in the world.” And that it was “unfathomable” that the officers in the deaths of Garner and Mike Brown did not have to face a jury.

The segment concluded with Kelly joking “Piers, lecturing people on the American system does not usually go over well.”

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