Ingraham: GOP ‘Subsidizing the Next Border Wave’

Ingraham: GOP ‘Subsidizing the Next Border Wave’

Talk radio host Laura Ingraham argued that the Republican Party’s omnbius spending bill was “subsidizing the next border wave” on Thursday.

Ingraham read figures showing that $2.5 billion would be spent “to accommodate illegal immigrants and refugees and stated “when we subsidize something, We get more of it, and so the Republicans are subsidizing the next border wave in this omnibus spending bill. All together the omnibus push by Boehner contains $2.5 billion to accommodate illegal immigrants and refugees” she stated.

Ingraham continued “at some point you do feel, do you not, like Charlie Brown one more time taking a run at that football. And you think Lucy is going to do right by you, she’s going to hold that football down and you’re going to run and you’re going to kick that thing for a field goal, and then what happens? We run and run and run, and we go to kick that ball really hard and we land flat on our backs.”

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