Juan Williams: Left ‘Split with President Obama’ on Cromnibus

Juan Williams: Left ‘Split with President Obama’ on Cromnibus

Fox News analyst Juan Williams argued that the big story from the cromnibus vote was the left’s “split with President Obama” on Thursday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

“you have the liberals up in arms over there because of the changes that are in this bill that allow, of course, more money to be spent in terms of blind money coming to campaign finance, but most of all, rolls back some of the Dodd-Frank financial stuff. so they’re the ones that are angry at President Obama…it’s the left here and the split with President Obama that I think is the big story” he stated.

On Monday, Williams wrote a column for The Hill  saying “The GOP is now the home of white resentment over demographic, political and economic shifts in the country,” and arguing that GOP attempts “to take racism off the political table requires heavy lifting six years into the Obama presidency. Conservatives…try to make the case that their unrelenting criticism, their pursuit of ‘scandals’ that turn out to be non-existent and their systematic obstruction of Obama’s policies, all amount to just politics,” and that GOP claims that their opposition to Obama is not based on race are “turning a blind eye to racial issues and the presence of a black president,” and “requires lips to be zipped about the GOP’s advocacy of new voter identification programs that disproportionately keep blacks and Latinos from voting. It turns a blind eye, too, to gerrymandered congressional districts, constructed by Republican state legislatures, to push minorities out of GOP districts.”

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