UVA Rape Victim: Rolling Stone Writer Had Anti-Frat ‘Agenda’

UVA Rape Victim: Rolling Stone Writer Had Anti-Frat ‘Agenda’

Alex Pinkleton, a University of Virginia student who is friends with “Jackie,” the source for Rolling Stone’s article about an alleged sexual assault on the university’s campus, and herself is a survivor of sexual assault who also spoke to Rolling Stone reporter Sabrina Rubin Erderly said that she believed Erderly had an anti-frat “agenda” on Sunday’s “Reliable Sources” on CNN.

Pinkleton said that she believes “something traumatic” happened to “Jackie,” but acknowledged “discrepancies” in some of the details of “Jackie’s” account, which she argued might be attributible to “trauma” caused by the incident.

She added that based on her conversations with Erderly, Pinkleton believed the reporter “had her heart in the right place, she wanted to bring light to this issue…however, she did have an agenda. And part of that agenda was showing how monstrous fraternities themselves, as an institution are, and blaming the administration for a lot of these sexual assaults.”

Pinkleton continued that, when telling her story of sexual assault where she drank a large amount of alcohol and woke up with a man on top of her, Erderly “kept asking ‘did he feed you the drinks? Was he keeping tabs of the drinks that night?’ And he wasn’t, and that’s something that I had to keep saying over and over again and I felt that she wasn’t satisfied with my perpetrator as someone who wasn’t clearly monstrous.” And that her case was “not what she [Erderly] was looking for of where we had a very innocent victim and a very monstrous perpetrator.”

She concluded, “she [Erderly] was trying to come from a point of advocacy, but as a reporter, you can’t be like an advocate, and support a story and listen to it and think everything is true and then report on it without trying to figure out if it’s true.”

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