Chris Rock: ‘My Movie Is Very Korean Friendly’

On Thursday’s “The Daily Show,” comedian Chris Rock, star of the movie “Top Five” out now, and would-be competitor to the canceled “The Interview” reacted to the controversy in his interview with host Jon Stewart.

Rock said his movie was “Korean friendly,” but predicted “The Interview” would come out eventually.

Partial transcript as follows:

STEWART: There’s a real hole in the movie theater schedule now that they’ve taken away– apparently there’s a movie that’s not going to run as planned.

ROCK: Really?

STEWART: Do think to yourself, ‘More cheese for me’ — or what do you think?

ROCK: I’ll say this– my movie is very Korean friendly. We almost don’t kill any Koreans. Out of all of the movies out, we kill the least amount of Koreans in our movie

STEWART: If you’re going to see any movie this year that you think could heal the divide —

ROCK: I’m just saying.

STEWART: — it would be “Top Five.”

ROCK: The Egyptians are white in “Exodus.” Annie’s black. It’s a weird world right now.

STEWART: It’s a weird world. So “Top Five” is the safest Christmas movie?

ROCK: It’s the safest Christmas movie there is. It’s fun for Koreans.

STEWART: I can vouch for that. You know what I’m upset about?

ROCK: What’s that?

STEWART: I write a movie [expletive] on the Iranian regime, nothing. These guys are getting all this publicity. I’ve got a whole thing about– and it’s not even a comedy, it’s real, about this — they held this guy in solitary confinement, you treated him like hell, and they’re like, “Yeah…”

ROCK: They’re like, “Yeah, we did that.”

STEWART: “Yeah, we did that.” No hacking, no threats, no nothing. A couple of things like, “Oh yeah, Zionist.” It was like even half-hearted. It was like – eh, what are you going to do?

ROCK: I can’t wait to see “The Interview.”

STEWART: Do you think it will come out? Do you think it will come out?

ROCK: It will come out.

STEWART: It has to, right?

ROCK: Of course, it will come out. You can buy it on 125th Street right now.

STEWART: How do you think it would be if Kim Jong-un showed up on 125th Street and was like, “Put that down! What are you doing?” it’s awesome. I’m so glad for you. It’s a great movie and congratulations.

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