Dershowitz on Sony Hack: ‘Pearl Harbor on the First Amendment’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight,” law professor Alan Dershowitz had strong language for the Sony hacking allegedly committed by North Korea over the pending release of the movie, “The Interview.”

According to Dershowitz, this was effectively a declaration of war on the First Amendment by the North Koreans.

“You know, let’s point the finger at North Korea,” Dershowitz said. “They have declared war on our First Amendment. And they have won the first victory. This is Pearl Harbor on the First Amendment. And we have to decide how to respond. We must respond.”

“First of all, Sony, I think made a terrible mistake,” he continued. “Not in pulling it from the theaters. But in not immediately announcing that they’re going to make it available free on the Internet so that millions of people could watch it or at least make it available on demand so that people could watch it outside of the context of theaters which endanger our morals and endanger people. This way people can choose whether to see it. We can’t give them a total victory over our First Amendment.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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