‘The View’ Hosts Whoopi, Rosie Battle Over Racism

Thursday on ABC’s “The View,” a heated exchange over racism in America devolved into an all out shouting match when co-host Whoopi Goldberg insisted that it is not racist, just simply ignorant, to mistake a minority  as a working person.

Rosie Perez asked Goldberg   “You don’t think it’s racist if someone turns to the leader of the free country and says, ‘Can you park my car?’” causing Goldberg to reply “You guys need to know what real racism is.”

O’Donnell piped in with “And then a Congress that doesn’t allow him to do one thing,” which caused Goldberg to shoot back “Listen, you are a white lady telling me what is racist to you, which is fine.”

Which began the rapid fire back and forth starting with O’Donnell’s statment,  “I’m a gay-American that has been called a dyke.”

Exchange continues as follow:

GOLDBERG: It’s not the same.

O’DONNELL: I have a black kid I raise, Whoopi. I have a black kid in my house.

GOLDBERG: That is not the same.

O’DONNELL: You don’t have to be black to know what racism is.

GOLDBERG:  Yes you do.

O’DONNELL: No you don’t

Goldberg ended by saying “Yes you do, baby. There are white people who get it. But this is why I will not agree with the blanket statement that America is racist. I don’t agree, I’m sorry. Kick my butt.”

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