Chuck Todd: Christie Will Lose to Jeb in Donor Fight

NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd argued that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) would lose the competition for donors with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (R) if the two both decide to run for president in 2016 in Friday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

“I think Christie’s going to be on the losing end of this,” he stated of the “knife fight” between the two for donors, adding that Bush’s presidential flirtations were “sending a message to Christie and Romney ‘OK, stopping talking me down to these donors’ cause they’re all fishing in the same donor pond the three of them…Jeb really made life miserable for both Christie and Romney right now.”

Todd later said “Jeb Bush basically, right now will end up being the number one big fundraiser in Texas, the number one big fundraiser in Florida, the number one big fundraiser in California, and he might end up being the number one guy even in Wall St. in New York.” And “Jeb is in the pole position financially in ways that I think both Christie and Romney hope they could have been that guy.”

Although, he did caution that Bush might be politically rusty and does have “issues with base conservatives.”

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