Krauthammer: Obama ‘Feels Unshackled,’ ‘Got a Free In’

On Friday’s “Hannity,” Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer explained to fill-in host Tucker Carlson what he thought was behind President Barack Obama’s new more posture regarding his administration’s policies, both foreign and domestic.

“I think he was genuinely upbeat,” Krauthammer said. “He feels unshackled. He never has to worry about his Democrats being slaughtered in an election and blaming him. He can be himself. He can normalize relations with Cuba. He can legalize 5 million illegals and doing it legally. He’s got a free in. I think he likes where he is. And he is now the beneficiary of the collapse of oil prices, which is essentially a huge tax cut which has stimulated the economy and helped to revive it. Of course he had nothing to do with the collapse of oil prices. If anything his EPA has been issuing regulations that have inhibited the oil explosion, the boom we’re having right now that’s all under private or state land. Nonetheless, he feels now that he’ll get vindication by the revival of the economy.”

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