Brooks: GOP Moving to Where Jeb Is

Columnist David Brooks argued that Jeb Bush is “the favorite” in the 2016 presidential race and that “the party is coming back…to about where Jeb Bush is” on Friday’s “PBS Newshour.”

Brooks said of Bush “I think he’s the favorite, I wouldn’t say he’s a huge favorite, by any means, but I think he’s a plausible candidate. He was a successful governor from a swing state, and he has a good reputation in the party. He’s pretty conservative, not so much on immigration, but compared to Republican presidents in the past, he’s pretty conservative, not as conservative as [Sen.] Ted Cruz (R-TX) and [Sen.] Rand Paul (R-KY), but he’s sort of where the mainstream of the party is, and I believe the party is coming back from the Tea Party phase and it’s coming back to about where Jeb Bush is.”

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