Pirro: Obama to Blame, Not Sony

On Saturday, Jeanine Pirro, host of the Fox News Channel’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine” argued that President Obama was to blame for the pulling of “The Interview,” not Sony.

“Tonight America capitulates to a North American thug in a wuss move that will have enormous future ramifications. The Sony movie “The Interview” scheduled for Christmas Day release now shelved because of computer threats. While Sony’s decision is cowardly and embarrassing to the country, only one person’s responsible for the victory of the cyberterrorists identified by the FBI as North Korea, the man who guards the Constitution, the President of the United States, Barack Obama. Yet in classic Obama fashion, he piles on and blames Sony” she stated.

Pirro added, “Sony Chief Executive Michael Lynton insists that Sony was in contact with senior White House advisers about the problem. Even the State Department agreed Sony was in discussion with them. Now, as someone who follows the president, I can tell you, he is often not a man of his word. So who to believe, a company on the front page of virtually every newspaper struggling to deal with hacking by a foreign regime, or the president of the United States, who makes believe he wishes he was contacted, whose own FBI says North Korea’s responsible, and whose Department of Homeland Security is accused by many of being missing in action. Where was the president when Sony stood alone on this, through initially embarrassing e-mails to class action lawsuits, to threats of 9/11-style attacks?”

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