GOP Senator: We Are Close To Veto Proof Vote On Iran Sanctions

Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s News Headquarters,”  Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) said in January the Republican-led senate has “a shot at” a “veto-proof majority”  vote on increasing sanctions for Iran.

“On January 6, the new Republican senate takes office. Majority Leader McConnell has said the first vote coming from the Republican senate will be to approve the Keystone pipeline. He has also said the second big vote will be on Iran sanctions. So I would expect that coming up,”  Kirk said. “So in that case, Lindsey is right, we’re going to follow up. The good thing about those votes, they will be really bipartisan votes in the case of Iran. I have 17 Democrats with me, including Bob Menendez and Chuck Schumer, to their credit, is with us. We have a shot at even getting to a veto-proof majority in the senate.”

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