Bolton: WH Sending Sign to Get Advantages Against US in Next Two Years

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton said that “the sign on the White House door” is that anyone seeking to take advantage of the US should “get it done in the next two years” on Tuesday’s “On the Record” on the Fox News Channel.

“It was a pretty grim year. And it’s going to be worse in the year ahead…you’ve got Iran’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program, North Korea’s programs, a host of other threats from China and Russia. But I think the overarching problem that the United States has faced this past year, and which will also get worse, is the self-induced weakness of the administration’s policies. Both the perception and the reality of an uninvolved, withdrawn, unassertive America. It’s not just military power, it’s political power as well. America can protect its interest and those of its friends and allies when it operates from a position of political [and] military strength because that dissuade and deter adversaries from acting in the first place. The sign on the White House door now is ‘if you’ve got advantages you want to seek against the United States, get it done in the next two years'” he stated.

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