Ben Carson: US Partisan Hatred Becoming Like Middle East

Friday on  Newsmax TV’s “America’s Forum,”  pediatric neurosurgeon and conservative firebrand Ben Carson said after his recent trip to Israel, he is worried about the similarities he sees between the partisan hatred in America now causing violence against law enforcement in comparison to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

Carson said, “One of the things that disturbed me was the animosity between the Palestinians, the Arab factions, and the Israelis and just indiscriminate violence that occurs. And I worry when I see the hatred that is going on in this country. You know we the American people are not each others enemies. We have to stop allowing people to manipulate us. We have people running around saying ‘kill the police,’ I mean are you kidding me?  And yet this is happening and moving us toward a state where we can not get along together. You cant say anything good about somebody on the opposite side unless your a traitor. We have just totally lost it and unless we get back on the right track we are going to destroy ourselves. You know a house divided can not stand.”

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