Bolton: Obama Could Get Life Sentence Fixing Parking Ticket

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton argued that President Obama’s bargaining skills are so poor that he could get life sentences trying to fix a parking ticket in a discussion on Iran on Saturday’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on the Fox News Channel.

“There are only two steps here. One, sign a bad nuclear deal with Iran, which he’s desperately trying to do. Step two, open the embassy. And it’s not just because the nuclear threat that Iran poses should preclude that kind of diplomatic recognition, Iran has been…the chief financier of international terrorism worldwide” he stated.

Bolton added “apart from the ideological mistakes the president’s making, he has to be the world’s worst negotiator…I wouldn’t ask this guy to fix a parking ticket for me. I’d probably end up with multiple life sentences. He doesn’t negotiate. He doesn’t bargain. He didn’t negotiate with the Cubans over diplomatic recognition, he’s doing a retched job with Iran on the nuclear negotiations, and he basically just gave away diplomatic recognition for Iran without getting anything in exchange.”

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