Palin Calls on Boehner to Go: ‘Time for Some New Energy’

On Monday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel, former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) sounded off on the possible challenges to John Boehner’s speakership later this week.

According to Palin, Boehner surrendering that speakership would be appropriate based on his inability to fulfill campaign promises.

“Well, I think that Speaker Boehner unfortunately didn’t listen to many of us who were saying all along, when you campaign one way and govern another way — man, that is a turn off,” Palin said. “And really it is unethical. And we don’t have to put up with that. So those that have gone along just to get along with President Obama, like Speaker Boehner, we need to thank them for their service and say time for new energy and time for commitment to those campaign promises to be fulfilled. And love Louie Gohmert. I love those Texan politicians that call it like they see it and are true conservatives. So, I’d be rooting for Louie.”

“And the debt increased has $4 trillion under the speaker’s leadership,” she added. “And you pointed this out before, Sean. And I think that is very valuable for the public to realize – you pick a side when you are in a position like that. Are you go to negotiate and make deals with the far left, or are you going to consult with conservatives that are your base? He made a choice. We thank him for his service. And time for some new energy.”

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