Attkisson DOJ Suit Will Get Agents Names Who Planted Cable at Home

Thursday on Fox News Radio’s “John Gibson Show,” investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson explained she is suing the Department of Justice to get discovery, which she said hopefully will start with the names of the agents or third-party contractors sometimes hired for “certain dark projects,” who hacked her computer and planted a fiber optics cable at her house.

Attkisson explained, “In the lawsuit we are entitled to fairly quick discovery and depositions to identify what we call the John Does. Obviously we don’t have the names. I have said I have a name, that was provided to me by a confidential source, of who was behind this and I believe that name is a true and accurate name,  but in the sense of who actually conducted the surveillance and all the details, we don’t have those names and we need discovery to do so.”

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